Monday, October 12, 2009

i'm hiding

Life's been both busy and boring.
And I just haven't felt like writing, or I haven't had the time.
(Or it could have something to do with all of the excellent tv shows that we DVR religiously...)

Give me a topic, then we'll discuss.

I'll bring the coffee :)


Kathy said...

My topics for discussion.
what I should wear this weekend.
What is my little man going to be for Halloween? Do you have a theme for his second birthday? March will be here before you know it What's Santa going to bring JJ this year? Is Santa bringing you anything special?

Pamela said...

JJ and how we should betrothe him to one of my girls. He's just so dang cute!

Danielle Michelle said...

Discuss my alternate universe. Please come up with an explaination for it.

Stephie said...

I vote for dunkin donuts

Laura said...

I forgot about how hot we were in our mumu's. ;)

Diana said...

what do you have planned for Tuesday...there's supposed to be a fall parade in downtown Findlay!! I'm thinking about driving down, if it's not too cold out :)

little.lamb said...


and welcome to why my blog has been deleted.

id love to have some coffee with you!

Michelle said...

What was JJ for Halloween?? Hope you guys had fun -- I miss you & your posts... hope all is well :)