Tuesday, October 23, 2007

weird dream

Last night I had the weirdest dream.

I dreamt J and I were on vacation and we had my friend Holly and her two children with us. We also had the young son of one of my Mary Kay clients, three little boys (actually J and his two brothers as children), and Eli and Peyton Manning. For some reason we had a gigantic suite with a whole mess of beds, but only one bathroom.

Holly and I slept in one bedroom with all of the assorted kids, and J roomed with the Manning brothers. The kids wanted to go swimming but for some reason little J and his brothers were wearing snow suits. It was highly chaotic, and the housekeeping staff kept barging in to refill the little bottles of shampoo, bars of soap and shoe-shine towels.

J and I kept trying to get in some alone time by locking ourselves in the bathroom, but the Manning brothers kept barging in.

I woke up confused and disoriented.
Any insight into what this dream means?


AJ said...


maybe because you were so excited for Peyton and the colts that after Monday night's game they're still undefeated....or maybe you love his commercial as much as I do?

Danielle Michelle said...

'Cause Eli and Peyton are hot. You want them both. J thinks they're hot too.

I don't know...wrack it up to a strange dream!

Laura said...

I'm not sure, but I totally love it!

allison said...

maybe you are worried about how the baby will affect yours and J's alone time? I love Peyton.

Merissa said...

I don't have any insight, but it is terribly funny. One night I remember that I had a dream that I was married to Tony Parker (he plays basketball and is Eva Langoria's husband). I concluded it was the fact that I ate before I went to bed.

Is the above Allison the same allison as arh?

Kara said...

Definitely a crazy dream, but I have no idea what it means. It was entertaining to read though!!!

mel_fitz said...

it's being pregnant--you dream all sorts of weird stuff. and you're weird, too...

Lisa Louise said...

If you take out all of the specifics, you will know what you were trying to figure out during the previous weeks of brain overload time.
I think you are worried that with J's 'stuff' (sports, work, reading, whatever) and all of your 'stuff' (work, keeping the house stocked, a new baby, and more!) you will have trouble finding a place where the two of you can 'meet'.
You'll figure it all out...the hard part is realizing that it cannot be done today or tomorrow or the day after that.