Wednesday, February 01, 2012

a week of outfits!

I did it!
Last week I promised to try harder to look human cute, and I was successful.
And I also promised to take a pic everyday.
I did that, too!

I tried.
I thought I came up with a cute-ish outfit for each day.
I really thought I had this.
Then I made a collage...

weds, thurs, fri, tues, and yes, i took these pics in my garage

Is it just me, or am I wearing the same outfit?
I think I need to break out of the gray-with-a-few-bits-of-pink formula for buying clothes.
I also enjoy my purple flats - and this mild weather means I can wear them without losing toes!

And the Tigers cap is me hiding my crazy, slept-on hair.
And representin. Word.

My favorite outfit for the week was on Sunday.

the sparkle shoes and blingie cuff? totally making up for the flat hair.

The kimono jacket is new. I hit up my favorite boutique downtown and found it on Sat.
It was a splurge.
Four women complimented me after church.
I count that as money well spent.

My favorite accessories were on Saturday.

these pics were not taken in my garage! but, what is up with the sun?

I love those earrings.
I thought the necklace was cute when I got dressed.
I think it looks a bit anemic in these pics, next time I'll layer it for more punch.
I still like it.

And I tried on Monday.
In fact I sort of like my leggings and button down combo.
Comfy and easy to run around with the kids.
But the pic is awful.
And really...more grey?
Next week I'll try mixing it up!

hubs snapped this while we were watching hoarders

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Stephie said...

I luff you.
That is all

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful outfit on you.

What I Wore

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So proud of you!!! Way to go on the human looking front. And I see why you got so many compliments on that jacket, it's awesome!!! Sharing you on my FB page :)

Laura said...

Looking hot!

Aarthi said...

You look cool


Danielle said...

Great job! All your outfits are cute and I love the scarfs ;-)

Katie Olthoff said...

You are adorable! I love the gray and pink - and PURPLE flats! I die! I have some red that I love to wear but purple would be AMAZING!